Its time to get Your Web Responsive
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Its time to get Your Web Responsive

If you have ever thought of designing your web to be a mobile friendly site then it’s time to get a responsive website for your profession. Have you ever accessed a website from your phone or tab and what did you notice …?

Did you notice any zoomed in/ zoomed out version of a website or a desktop version without zooming in/out.
In 2014 April, Google started penalizing non- “mobile-friendly” means Non-responsive websites by downgrading Google rank on Google searches. we like it or not but google is our internet Lord. we are just living inside it.

Developing and designing a website as Mobile friendly is not a tough thing. it requires special CSS codes and meta tags (For developer use).
Using smart phones and mobile internet is now becoming a latest trend followed by many peoples and also businessmen. The trend of mobile web is really becoming so important for all the youngsters. leverage-browser-caching

About 60 million of users in India are using their mobile phones every day to connect with their social accounts like Facebook, Instagram and many more. so we we see the digit of users then its really a big one. It gives us an assumption of how many users only in india are using smartphone and connecting to webs.

Below are some reasons which support that its time to get a responsive web now

  • A mobile friendly website is very important to make a better interface between user and webite
  • Its a Mobile friendly version of a web which will always insist and convince user to visit the web again and again.
  • Mobile friendly website is very beneficial to boost the mobile traffic of the particular webpage.
  • Millions of people in the world uses their tabs and smartphone when they connect to a website
  • Nearly 85 % of the mobile owners keep there phone in a priority to visit a website.
  • People worldwide prefer only mobile browsers for instant money transactions for their personal and professional uses.
  • Billing, shopping, booking , everything is done from mobile internet.

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