Secure Your Social Media Accounts
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Secure Your Social Media Accounts

The popularity of Social media has increased a lot since last few years.Social media provides you an advantage to better connect with your friends , family members , clients and even strangers. As we know that Internet has made our lives easier in so many ways , but surely you need to know how you can provide your social media account from frauds. Many of you people surely has an social media account on any of social media platform like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and many more.Social media, without a shadow of a doubt, has become a central to our way of living.
Millions of peoples use these platforms on a daily basis therefore Online privacy and security constantly come under the spotlight, while online harassment can’t be ignored too. So questions begin that are your social media accounts secure ?
well today we will give you some important tips on how you can secure or protect your social media accounts.

1. Always choose for a strong password

Choosing a strong password is not a bad idea at all. Always make sure that you choose for a strong password which consist of letters , numbers and special characters. In addition always try to use letters (A – z) while capsLock is on.

2. Enable two-factor authentication on your accounts


Choosing the two-factor authentication on your accounts is a good idea. Many social websites do this in different ways, but the favorite option is to use a text message on your cellphone. The best way to find a way to enable this feature is to watch around your account settings.
As you log in, you receive a self-destructing code on your cellphone that you need to enter to verify your account. This concept works very well, as a hacker would have to steal your phone too.

3. Add your phone number as a recovery option

Another option we have is to use your phone number as a recovery option in social media account settings. It happens many times that you just forget your passwords or written somewhere and you want it to recover. The same thing happens when someone hacks your account , then you can recover your account by using your phone.

4. Manage Account Privacy Settings


It’s Important that you learn about and use the privacy settings on your social networks you use. These settings help securing your online experience, and control who sees what you post from your account.
There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t post to your accounts. Whenever you post something on your social accounts your default posting permissions are used. You can select who can watch your posts, that you can customize your default settings in the Privacy Settings menu.

5. Stay alert with keyloggers

Staying alert with keyloggers is not a bad idea at all. Never log in your social accounts from a public computer. Actually keyloggers are special software which can log all the keys you typed on a keyboard. whatever key you type on a keyboard can noted on a text file or can be sent on a mail. So log in always from a computer/device you trust.

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