SMO – Enhance Your Business
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SMO – Enhance Your Business

The full form of SMO is social media optimization. As we all know that today billions of peoples are using social networking accounts to like and show interest on various topics , business and lots of stuff. Most of the time traffic coming to the website is from a social websites. Have you ever thought traffic coming to a website from social networks..?

Social media optimization in short SMO is the next generation of online marketing and business. If you own a business in this internet age without social media optimization, you can’t exist.

SMO is a very effective that would help your business to make a better online presence with more Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn shares and Pinterest pins.

Is your organization/company/business planning to get into social media? Proper planning and idea is really very important. So we tell you how to do SMO for business with few strategies that may help your business make an online presence.
Have you ever thought do readers are interested in content today ..?
In the world of media where images , photos and videos exist do people pay attention to content…?

Reading very long content is really boring for users. No one want to read a long and boring content weather its on social medias or any other online source. so what is the solution…?

Always create the heading of content and content must be short with effective and useful lines. No one reads a boring story in today’s internet world. Everyone is being attracted towards images , photos and videos. So just try to short the content and make it with headings.

Now how you can bring traffic to your web from social networks..?
The answer is very straight forward by using the website URL in the content of your post. Always attach the URL of web which needs traffic and then create a post with images and videos.

SMO with External seeding:

Do you love comments on social media? Yes, comments on a site may sound good, and even better when we share it across social media. Facebook implemented the social comment “like” that has so much of reach among its users. Same way, introducing a Facebook Like button to your website may increase your website traffic. Since Likes show up as one line of text, and Shares show up as link with a comment, many websites encourages Shares immediately after a visitors presses the Like button/ share button.

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