3 Free Websites to Learn Programming in 2022
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3 Free Websites to Learn Programming in 2022

At the beginning of the new year, there must be a desire to learn something new or expand on what you already know. As a programmer, you know best that you always need to understand and improve your skills.

What’s a great time to do that than at the beginning of the new year?

Learning to code could be an essential skill you can learn in 2022. The classes will also help you build a solid foundation and become a professional programmer.

Learning programming has never been easy. Many free resources can help beginners learn a programming language or start a new project like developing a code to add a YouTube video to a WooCommerce product. There are a lot more opportunities when it comes to regulation and programming.

Why should you Learn Programming?

There are many benefits of learning programming as forWeb admin, a better understanding of code means less dependency on third-party developers. Below are some of the reasons why you should learn programming.

Work From Home

Because only a computer and the Internet are needed for work, employees often have the opportunity to work remotely. It also allows you to apply for jobs across the country without having to move or worry about office distances.

High Income Potential

Money can motivate many jobs, and programming is no different. Among many other jobs, the money you can get with programming skills is above average.

Problem Solving Skill

In the software world, it is often said that programming is about solving problems, and computer software should solve problems for us. You can learn to code programs and find ways to troubleshoot the issues and find solutions.

Here is a list of the three best and free resources to learn code in 2022.

1. CodeAcademy
Codecademy is a great place for future programmers to start their education. According to their website, 45 million students have learned their design skills through this website in seven years.

To get started with the Codecademy journey, review your undergraduate skills to decide which course is right for you. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, be ready to register in a few minutes.

Codecademy is a website dedicated exclusively to programming. Projects and exams give you the experience to understand what you are learning.

Free introductory tutorials on some of the most popular JavaScript, Java, and Linux technologies. It also has paid tutorials to learn the intricacies of Python, Java, and JavaScript. However, it is one of the first websites to bring shared learning into the picture.

Their JavaScript course is probably the most popular JavaScript course on the website and will teach you basic project skills. Some of them are not free, but if you can afford them, you should be with them.

To help you learn, Codecademy also offers interviews, interactive language streams, blog posts, and stories.

2. w3schools
W3Schools is a free online educational website. There are free tutorials and examples on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, C programming, JavaScript, and more.

W3Schools is designed for website developers and covers all aspects of development. The training is professionally based and includes a skills exam. Compensation includes combat and certification courses. W3Schools was launched in 1998 but is not affiliated with the W3C or the World Wide Web.

3. freeCodeCamp
freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that helps people learn law through assignments and construction work. freeCodeCamp offers free videos, stories, and web-based coding lessons, as well as testimonials for approximately 300 hours of special training.

This is another excellent website to help you learn how to sign up, do projects and get a job as a programmer. There are many shared tutorials and exercises for learning about JavaScript, data processing and algorithms, pre-development, and more.

It was founded by Quincy Larson, one of my favorite people I follow on Twitter. This is a great place to start your legendary journey. They also have a great Facebook section to ask questions and share your learning experience.

They also have a great YouTube channel where you can find many free tutorials to learn programming skills such as Python, JavaScript, React, Angular. , Machine Learning, Data Science, and more.

To sum it all
These are some of the best websites to learn to code for free in 2022. These websites are great resources for learning programming languages (such as Python and Java), life-saving technologies (such as SQL), and embedded operating systems (such as Linux). for developers like Ruby. on Rails, run programming languages like Haskel, learn how to create websites and many other free courses.

To get started, explore your options on these three great websites, whether you already have experience or have never entered a line of code before.

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