Every Business Should Post a Video in order to get Traffic
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Every Business Should Post a Video in order to get Traffic

The popularity of video marketing has increased a lot since last few years. Video marketing provides you an advantage to better connect with your Users and visitors. Video marketing gives those advantages which can not be obtained from written content. Its a much better way of representing our business. Below are some regions that why you should integrate video in your online strategy.

1. Client written testimonials to video

A better advantage of video marketing is to bring client written testimonials in videos. This technique gives great impression on other clients and customers. A survey shows that Users trust a video testimonial 10 times more than the written testimonials.

2. More Traffic

The most important advantage of video marketing is huge traffic. If you decide to go for video marketing then you have access to free traffic source like Youtube , Vimeo and many more.

3. Video content can be better memorized.

The other advantage of video marketing is better memorable to visitors.

can you memorize the five last web content exactly as you read them in your web browser?

The answer is No?

And if someone ask can you remember the last 5 movies you watched. The answer will be surely yes. This proves the videos can be remembered easily as compared to content.

4. Higher customer satisfaction rate

Your visitors are not always able to know that how you work , what are your working strategies or else how your product work. If you use video then it satisfies visitors easily and users understand everything in a much better and clean way. Everyone knows well videos are far better than written content in all aspect , no matter about business type.

5. Capture customer attention

Video marketing is a better way to capture customer attention. No one remembers written content but maximum people remember the last movie/advertisement they have seen.

6. More Description in short videos

Video length of your product advertisement or any online business depends on its content. Never create large length videos for displaying short information. Video length should be less compared to information we are displaying. Today no one likes huge length videos for short messages. Such videos are called boring advertisement. So try to shoot always interesting content in videos and take care about length to content ratio.


What video content can we put in our videos?

Your video content information always depend on your type of business and the services or products you offer to users.

Here are a some ideas to get you started:

Product Show off. If you sell a physical product, video marketing is a very powerful trick to give visitor a sense of what the product is actually and what its made from . For example, if you sell Television, a video can help convey its picture quality , sound quality and lots of other features.
Explain how to operate or do something with your product. Like, if you sell mobile, you could create a video explaining the best way to operate it.
Convert written testimonials to video testimonials . Many companies use written testimonials on their websites. But you can think of a different way. you can also invite customers to upload video testimonials instead of written content.
Upload new videos regularly. Building regular visitors for your videos isn’t easy, but can give your business a better boost. Create new videos regularly and encourage visitors to subscribe via your YouTube channel.

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