Play Recoil Game on Windows 7/8/10 - Complete guide
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Play Recoil Game on Windows 7/8/10 – Complete guide

It’s been 13 years since the launch of windows vista and over time Microsoft continued improvements with windows 7/8/8.1/10, it became harder to run old computer games on new operating systems. Unlike windows 98/XP, these new operating systems are quite stable and better in performance and requires good hardware configuration.(Computer hardware refers to physical parts of computer)

Whether its a Game or any software(even the Microsoft OS is software) there is always a compatibility relation between software & hardware. Additionally, compatibility relation do exist between games installed and Operating systems. So to run recoil, hardware and operating systems compatibility both matters.

The meaning of word “RECOIL” is the backward moment of a gun when its discharged & very likely this Game is based on huge amazing weapons loaded to our tank. When these weapons are fired, the tank gets backward momentum, This is the reason Zipper interactive company selected the name “RECOIL” for this Game. Recoil is a windows based PC game released in 1999 by Zipper Interactive. This Game received millions of positive reviews and Game was very successful. This involves player to complete various missions and operate a battle tank known as “BFT” to fight against other powerful Artificial intelligence tanks through various stages.

Recoil game when released in 1999,windows 98/95/XP Operating systems were in circulation. Windows OS 7/8/10 all were released later. So using Normal Installation procedure , we can’t play this Game on latest Operating systems like Windows 7/8/10. we need to follow a special procedure to make this game compatible with latest windows OS.

The game is really mind blowing and fantastic. A battle tank “BFT” having great amazing weapons and fighting with other Artificial intelligence powerful tanks in various stages with lots of suspense makes it best among other battle tank games.

Now a days very few people use windows 98/95 because its too outdated. so its hard to run old famous Games due to incompatibility with new Operating systems & even the hardware sometimes. Please Follow the below steps for Running Recoil on new Operating systems.
(Game might create issues due to different graphics card processors , but we tested this game on ATI radeon (5670) Card and Nvidia processor (820) and this game is running perfectly on both graphics processors).

Anyway let’s go ahead
Step 1 – First of all, Download any windows software for mounting the ISO/NRG type file as Virtual disc drive Environment. Examples like Power ISO (Download from here) or WinCDEmu (Download from here x64) .

Step 2 – Now download the Recoil Game NRG Disc file, Download link

Step 3 – Extract the Recoil ZIP downloaded via step 2

Step 4 – Last but not the least , Download the nGlide which is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper. It allows you to play games designed for 3Dfx Glide API without the need for having 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card. (Download from here)

Step 5 – Now you have total 3 files downloaded to your PC. First of all Install the Power ISO software , then Install the nGlide wrapper(install the nglide setup first before installing the game)
Note – If you install nGlide setup after the installation of game, the game installation setup will generate only recoil.exe and not recoil3dfx.exe. If we try to run the game using recoil.exe, game will throw an error saying “failed to initialize video device” !

Step 6 – Mount the Recoil NRG/ISO file on virtual disc. (Assuming that you know how to mount the NRG/ISO file on virtual disc using Power ISO). Below are the Reference screenshots for operating Power ISO
Power iso open
Power iso select drive

Step 7 – Go to virtual drive where you have mounted the Recoil disc and press Ctrl A and then Ctrl C to select all file and press Ctrl V to copy all files to your local hard drive.

Step 8 – Once all files copied then find the autorun.exe, setup.exe and change compatibility mode to windows 98. Doing so, will allow you to install/Run the setup on new operating systems like windows 10.

Step 9 – Now run the Nglide configurator and do not close it. Just leave it open running.

Step 10 – Make sure the recoil game ISO file is mounted on virtual drive always before you start playing the Game otherwise game will throw an error “Insert Recoil CD“. Note -when you restart the PC, you may loose the Power ISO virtual drive, in that case open Power ISO and select 1 drive and now mount the game disc again.

Step 11 – Once the setup has been completed then in the Installation directory(Game -> Zipper)( generally inside C drive) . open the recoil3dfx.exe and click on start game.


This is the perfect way of playing recoil on latest operating systems. Few gamer suggest playing recoil on virtual machines VM but I suggest Nglide configurator is best.
You can still face issues or new errors even after following the above steps due to different hardware/OS. In that case please contact us using live Chat.

Video demonstration

Please visit this YouTube link to watch the video tutorial and don’t forget to like and subscribe our channel

Recoil Game cheats

Once the game start working on your PC , you can enjoy playing the Game using Cheat codes also.

While playing press CTRL and X and input: 
Hemmit ... All Weapons
Medic ... 100% shield

75 thoughts on “Play Recoil Game on Windows 7/8/10 – Complete guide”

  • I have Windows 8.1. When I click on the start button, an error message “Failed to initialize video device” comes every time.
    Kindly help me.

    Comment by rohit prasad on
    • Thank your very much. I had been in search of this game since long but could not find proper solution anywhere. The game is running perfectly. But it runs with the option ‘run Recoil’ and here the option to select game level is not found. When the option ‘Run Recoil 3DFX’ is clicked the error message ‘“Failed to initialize video device” comes every time. Please try to solve this problem and again, thank you very much.

      Comment by afsarul haque on
      • I hope you have downloaded the game ISO file from the dropbox link i mentioned in step 1. sometimes the error “Failed to initialize video device” occurs because of graphic processor. I uploaded a video demonstration for correct installation process. Please follow that. Thank you

        Comment by infoconic_admin on
        • Thank you for making the game available, i have been hunting to play this for years!!The game is running after following all the steps but only one problem is the tank seems to go too fast when i accelerate and its really hard to control if it is so much fast!!

          Comment by Roddy on
    • The game is working well but there is a problem , when i turn the tank right or left , monitor is shaking .
      any solution about that

      Comment by Ahmed Maher on
      • I encountered this problem and solved it. Just turn off the VSync option in the nGlide configurator.

        Comment by Xenos on
  • I try to run setup.exe then its show error – Recoil require Win95/98.
    I was done all process which you said, but its not done.
    pls help

    Comment by Harsh on
    • you are still not done with all the process. When it shows Recoil require Win95/98 means the compatibility mode of recoil exe application is still not set to win95/98. Most of the visitors are able to install and run this game by following our article. You might have done something wrong. Please let us know if we can help further. we are also available to hire personally via teamviewer to fix any issues.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
    • If you are using Windows 10 (64 bit machine) , then Change compatibility mode of Autorun.exe and Setup.exe to Windows 95.
      Next, right click on Autorun.exe and Run as Administrator. Now you should not get this error “Recoil requires Win95/98” and Setup should continue.

      If you see that Task manager has “32 bit setup launcher” taking a very long time ,
      go to “details” tab in Task manager, find Setup.exe , right click and select “analyze wait chain”. Kill the process that is blocking this (for example EXCEL.exe) Now you can see that Recoil setup starts working

      Comment by Bhargava on
      • Thanks…it works on Win 64 bit…after “analyze wait chain” i killed viber as app…and everything fine 🙂

        Comment by Goran on
      • Thank you so much for this! I had no idea about the “analyze wait chain” it fixed the problem instantly. I don’t know why no one mentions this but you sir have my gratitude.

        Comment by Brand on
      • This WORKS! just follow the steps

        Comment by anonymous on
      • It was those tips about setting the compatibility mode to Windows 95(in specific and not any other version of windows) and killing whatever process blocking the setup that got things to work successfully. Thanks a lot.

        Comment by Mohammed El-Afifi on
    • you need to run from autorun.exe not from setup.exe

      Comment by giridhar on
  • Thank you so much!! It works like a charm. I spent many a summer vacation playing this cult game and if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I could have had the chance to relive one of my best memories of childhood. It is a priceless gift and I truly thank you for that!

    Comment by Aman on
    • You are most welcome and let us know anytime if we could help you with any other issues.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Your Guide worked. Thanks a lot.

    Comment by Ashish on
    • welcome

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • I have done all steps, but still getting error “Recoil requires win95\98” . Compatibility also set properly. I am in WIndows 10 64 bit 1903 build. Please assist

    Comment by Guru on
    • you have still missed steps I Guess ! My procedure is 100% correct and the game is working perfectly fine in all versions of windows. I play the game daily at my local PC of windows 10. You did’t changed the applications compatibility mode properly or try installing the game in another PC. I am sure its gonna work.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
    • I also done all steps as per procedure. but still getting error “Recoil requires win95\98” . Compatibility also set properly. I am in WIndows 10 64 bit. Plz assist.

      Comment by akshay on
      • Trying following all steps again at a different computer(not the same one you used recently) and make sure you set the compatibility mode perfectly.

        Comment by infoconic_admin on
    • If you are using Windows 10 (64 bit machine) , then Change compatibility mode of Autorun.exe and Setup.exe to Windows 95.
      Next, right click on Autorun.exe and Run as Administrator. Now you should not get this error “Recoil requires Win95/98” and Setup should continue.

      If you see that Task manager has “32 bit setup launcher” taking a very long time ,
      go to “details” tab in Task manager, find Setup.exe , right click and select “analyze wait chain”. Kill the process that is blocking this (for example EXCEL.exe) Now you can see that Recoil setup starts working

      Comment by Bhargava on
    • Try Running Autorun with compatibility mode Win98… Initally I had the same issue

      Comment by Ace on
  • Super Awesome .. loving it 🙂 Thanks for bringing this game back into my life !!

    Comment by Rahul on
    • welcome always and let us know anytime if could help you further regarding anything. we deliver services like web and application development.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
      • Need help for game

        Comment by Paresh on
  • When the game started, it asked me for an installation CD

    Comment by Alejandro on
    • This is because you need to mount the game disc on virtual drive.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
      • Ok and could you please advise how do we do that on high level….sorry if its a basic Q

        Comment by Udit on
  • I have followed all the steps. Now am not getting the error saying “”not compatible with Win 95/98” But nothing is happening after i clicked the AutoRun.exe.

    Any idea?

    Comment by Sheik on
  • Pl help me with TeamViewer

    Comment by Paresh on
  • want to disk of recoil 1999 game for perfect install the game

    Comment by vijay on
  • Thank you so much its working

    Comment by NS on
  • Hello!
    It works perfectly, only I can’t change the resolution to 1024 x 768. Can you help me?

    Comment by Bogdan HURJUI on
    • You can’t change resolution because recoil never support 1024 X 768

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Hello,

    I did the complete process you mentioned above, the also started but, when i tried to play the game my keyboard was not working at all, i couldnt even change the name of my player.
    the keyboard was working fine when i tabbed out. but in the game the keyboard is just not working.
    help please

    Comment by Nikhil on
    • It should work but a guess this is just because of incompatibility of game engine on new OS. try restarting your PC

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Thanks a lot dude for this best old game information.

    Hi all if you want to know any status and
    shayri hindi or any latest newsabout MP. India or other please find the same.

    Comment by Imran khan on
  • I have run everything as per the video on Youtube, but when i launch the Recoil 3dfx, i get an error saying – “Please insert CD”

    Comment by Vinay on
    • This is because you have not mounted the recoil game disc to virtual drive using Power ISO or demon tool. you need to mount the disc always before you play the game or keep it permanently mounted even if you restart the computer.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Thanks for posting the walkthrough! However, after following each step, I go to run the application as an administrator and nothing happens. Both the Autorun and SETUP files are set to be compatible for Win 98/Me. I have the game installed on the virtual drive and nGlide app open and running. Any suggestions?

    Comment by jjv on
    • Try to repeat the same procedure on different PC. sometimes windows doesn’t allow to run setup. To exactly track the issue try installing the game on different computer.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i dont know what to say ..i used to play this game as a kid ..

    Comment by mostafa tokhy on
  • It really worked. Thanks a lot.

    Comment by Mayur on
    • welcome and please let us know if you need anything else. we deliver wide range of technical services.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • I am still not able to run it even after setting the compatibility setting to windows 98/me it is still showing recoil needs win 95/98. please help. if you want we can have it over anydesk too.

    Comment by djay on
    • Technical help via any-desk or team viewer is paid service. Although its guaranteed service to make sure the game runs properly on your computer.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Hi Infoconic_admin.

    Firstly, thanks for the effort towards bringing our childhood/teenage memories back for us. I am indeed excited. Have been trying to install this game since almost a year now but without any luck.

    I tried going about it exactly as you have described and managed to get somewhere but now I have a strange problem.

    Whenever I try to install the game via automenu.exe (already set to compatibility mode), the program starts installing HP Laserjet 1000 series driver instead of the game. Maybe the installer has picked up a wrong target file to install and is installing the driver in place of the actual game.

    I tried to locate any stored HP drivers and delete it but nothing seems to be helping.

    By the way, clicking the aurorun.exe file (also in compatibility mode) or setup file does nothing.

    Please guide ahead as I firmly believe that YOU are my last shot at installing this game… Ever

    Kindly reach out if you can

    Waiting with eager anticipation.


    Comment by Karan on
    • Don’t worry, will help you and will make the game run on your PC. please check your email. you will get an email from my official mail address.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • EA.hlp and ip.exe could not be extracted from Poweriso. it was showing that extraction failed. will it still work?

    Comment by Sujit on
    • Please download older version of Power ISO

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • ich bekomme mein Lieblings Panzerspiel Recoil nicht an Laufen und bitte um Hilfe . Danke im voraus

    Comment by Bernhard Schulz on
    • Danke, dass Sie um Hilfe gebeten haben. Wir werden Sie in Kürze per E-Mail kontaktieren.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Hi, I had a successful install!
    Only thing is that the music is not playing at all.
    Any ideas?

    Comment by Ben on
    • I have the same issue. Game works perfectly and the sound is fine, but the background music doesn’t play at all. If I insert a random audio CD on my CD drive, it plays music from that, but not the actual game music.

      Any ideas?

      Comment by Andy on
  • Thank you for this tuto
    When I clik on recoil3dfx.exe i i have message “0xc0000022” error
    Have you an idea please?

    Comment by huik on
  • Hi
    Its awesome. i have installed and the game is working fine.

    I installed this game for my kids. Audio is not coming.

    Give me suggestions.


    Comment by Singaravlean on
    • Please email Us at or give us a call. we can give you some suggestions.

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • As you said i download all 3 files, after the mount file, change compatibility mode to windows 98 in both setup & autorun file, but when i open the autorun file there is error msg

    Setup Initialization Error

    Setup has detected that uninstallshield is in use. plese close uninstallshield & restat setup.
    error 432

    please help on this

    Comment by Devashish Wanve on
  • I used to play this game with cd almost 20 years back can u pl guide me how to start playing and downloading to my windows 8

    Comment by habeeb khan on
  • Hi, i thought i had understood and followed all the steps as you have described. im on win 10 64 bit latest version with Daemon tools lite. Firstly i couldnt copy Ip.exe to my computer. After applying win 98 compatibility settings the autorun.exe doesnt work….im unable to install game

    Comment by Sudhir Kumar on
  • I followed the steps and i got it working but suddenly since last few days it crashes everytime i start and a dialogue box says “a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close the program and will notify if a solution is available.”
    I have reinstalled tries everything but nothing seems to be working. Any advise please.
    I love this game and I would love to finish it 🙁

    Comment by Abhishek on
    • ok Abhishek, we had a talk on phone and let me know if you need anything else. thank you

      Comment by infoconic_admin on
  • Guys, U’ll are awesome. Thanks for letting me cherish my old memories. I finished this game during my hostel days somewhere in 2002. Its an absolutely fantastic game. Any other tank games u recommend?

    Comment by Raman on
  • Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for bringing this game back to me, I loved it as a kid. I was also wondering how to fix the problem of my tank moving super fast and not stopping (as in it keeps moving unless I make it stop)

    Comment by Carl on
  • game worked fine till yesterday.but today it is not going past 3dfx screen . it shows a black screen and crashes immediately .is here a method to fix this

    Comment by tarun on
  • dear i followed the steps but when i open the autorun it comes of full screen installation picture of recoil and extract files, then the bos of clicking next comes but mouse sign still as loading and all of that close automatic without be able to click next to start install ,, any suggest here ?

    Comment by wael on
    • please note too that on mounting the iso it give error that files ip and something else corrupted and the mount give me freezed cd drive with not ability to open it so i opened the iso from extraxt here in the iso file properties list (when i click right on the org file)

      Comment by wael on
  • i opened the cd drime mount from opening it in new tab and installed the game from there after changing teh compitability, it is installed but after opening the nglid tool and opening the game it loads the first logo of dfx logo and then closed , not working

    Comment by wael on
  • Hi. The game download link is not working anymore. Would you please provide an updated link to download this game? Thanks much in advance.

    Comment by Narayan on
  • It still says that it will run in Windows 95/98.

    Comment by Danish on
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