Play Recoil Game on Windows 7/8/10 - Complete guide
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Play Recoil Game on Windows 7/8/10 – Complete guide

It has been 13 years since the launch of windows vista and over time Microsoft continued improvements with windows 7/8/8.1/10, it became harder to run old computer games on new operating systems. Unlike windows 98/XP, these new operating systems are quite stable and better in performance and requires good hardware configuration.(Computer hardware refers to physical parts of computer)

Whether its Game or any software(even the Microsoft OS is software) there is always a compatibility relation between software & hardware. Additionally, compatibility relation do exist between games installed and Operating systems. So to run recoil, hardware and operating systems compatibility both matters.

The meaning of word “RECOIL” is the backward moment of a gun when its discharged & very likely this Game is based on huge amazing weapons loaded to our tank. When these weapons are fired, the tank gets backward momentum, This is the reason Zipper interactive company selected the name “RECOIL” for this Game. Recoil is a windows based PC game released in 1999 by Zipper Interactive. This Game received millions of positive reviews and Game was very successful. This involves player to complete various missions and operate a battle tank known as “BFT” to fight against other powerful Artificial intelligence tanks through various stages.

Recoil game when released in 1999,windows 98/95/XP Operating systems were in circulation. Windows OS 7/8/10 all were released later. So using Normal Installation procedure , we can’t play this Game on latest Operating systems like Windows 7/8/10. we need to follow a special procedure to make this game compatible with latest windows OS.

The game is really mind blowing and fantastic. A battle tank “BFT” having great amazing weapons and fighting with other Artificial intelligence powerful tanks in various stages with lots of suspense makes it best among other battle tank games.

Now a days very few people use windows 98/95 because its too outdated. so its hard to run old famous Games due to incompatibility with new Operating systems & even the hardware sometimes. Please Follow the below steps for Running Recoil on new Operating systems.
(Game might create issues due to different graphics card processors , but we tested this game on ATI radeon (5670) Card and Nvidia processor (820) and this game is running perfectly on both graphics processors).

Anyway let’s go ahead
Step 1 – First of all Download the Power ISO (Download from here) for building the Virtual disc drive to load the Game disc.

Step 2 – Now download the Recoil Game Disc file , I have NRG file (Download from here)

Step 3 – Last but not the least , Download the nGlide which is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper. It allows you to play games designed for 3Dfx Glide API without the need for having 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card. (Download from here)

Step 4 – Now you have total 3 files downloaded to your PC. First of all Install the Power ISO software , then Install the nGlide wrapper(install the nglide setup first before installing the game)
Note – If you install nGlide setup after the installation of game, the game installation setup will generate only recoil.exe and not recoil3dfx.exe. If we try to run the game using recoil.exe, game will throw an error saying “failed to initialize video device” !

Step 5 – Mount the Recoil NRG file on virtual disc. (Assuming that you know how to mount the NRG/ISO file on virtual disc). Step 6 – Go to virtual disc on which you have mounted the Recoil disc and press Ctrl A and then Ctrl C to select all file and press Ctrl V to copy all files to your local hard drive.

Step 7 – Once all files copied then find the autorun.exe, setup.exe and change compatibility mode to windows 98. Doing so, will allow you to install/Run the setup on new operating systems like windows 10.

step 8 – Now run the Nglide configurator and do not close it. Just leave it open running.

step 9 – Once the setup has been completed then in the Installation directory(Game -> Zipper)( generally inside C drive) . open the recoil3dfx.exe and click on start game.

So this was the perfect way of playing recoil on latest operating systems. Few gamer suggest playing recoil on virtual machines VM but I suggest Nglide configurator is best.

Video demonstration

Please visit this YouTube link to watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Link

Recoil Game cheats

Once the game start working on your PC , you can enjoy playing the Game using Cheat codes also.

While playing press CTRL and X and input: 
Hemmit ... All Weapons
Medic ... 100% shield

3 thoughts on “Play Recoil Game on Windows 7/8/10 – Complete guide”

  • rohit prasad

    I have Windows 8.1. When I click on the start button, an error message “Failed to initialize video device” comes every time.
    Kindly help me.

    • afsarul haque

      Thank your very much. I had been in search of this game since long but could not find proper solution anywhere. The game is running perfectly. But it runs with the option ‘run Recoil’ and here the option to select game level is not found. When the option ‘Run Recoil 3DFX’ is clicked the error message ‘“Failed to initialize video device” comes every time. Please try to solve this problem and again, thank you very much.

      • infoconic_admin

        I hope you have downloaded the game ISO file from the dropbox link i mentioned in step 1. sometimes the error “Failed to initialize video device” occurs because of graphic processor. I uploaded a video demonstration for correct installation process. Please follow that. Thank you

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